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Original Design-Patented Jewelry And Crafts. Please Note: All OUR designs are @2006-Current Year Design-Patented and the property of Jodys Jewelry And Crafts and its owner(s), heirs & assigns...................................... All Rights Reserved.

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Jodys Jewelry And Crafts

Original Design HANDCRAFTED Jewelry & Crafts

All OUR Original Designs Are @ 2006-CURRENT YEAR Design Patented

To contact us:
 Jodys Jewelry And Crafts     Shop Online Using Our Shopping Cart ! Easy Paypal Checkout !
                                                   NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT REQUIRED !
                                                   Email Orders:     We take all orders through email at ONLY !
                                                                Please be sure to leave all details.
                                        Phone:             WE DO NOT CORRESPOND VIA TELEPHONE.  WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.
                                                                              WE PREFER WRITTEN EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE.
                                                                              PLEASE CONTACT US THROUGH EMAIL AT
                                                                                                        PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE ALL DETAILS.
                                                                              NO SOLICITORS PLEASE !
    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 203                      Mail Orders:       Please print, complete, and mail the order form along with the
    Leola, PA 17540-0203                                required 50% MINIMUM DEPOSIT.
                                                                                (Business Check or Money Order Only).
    Studio Address:
    Glen Rock, PA  17327         Paypal Orders:    Contact us for available payment by Paypal using your email address !
                                                                NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT REQUIRED !

                                                                                   DO NOT USE THIS CONTACT US FORM !
                                                                                 REASON UNKNOWN.
This webstore is open to U.S. customers ONLY. If you are outside U.S. and want to order from us, please contact us. We only take wholesale international orders OVER  $ 300.00. All international orders are required to pay 50% in advance AND 4% of total as shipping surcharge. International orders MUST wait at least 10 business days for payment to clear before shipment.